Frozen: the case for the flying spaghetti monster!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, or FSM, is the higher power worshiped by “Pastafarians” who reject modern, mainstream religion in favor of a delicious Italian dish. Pastafarians also celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is completely evident in the fact that Arendelle is a port city with all manners of people, both good and bad. In particular, the duke with the tiny round glasses, clearly standing in for the traditional pirate eye-patch, has deceit on his mind, as does Prince Hans. There’s no evidence of traditional religion in Frozen, as Elsa rejects the sham that is the “healing” trolls (yeah, can’t heal a heart, can you? Some savior!). Instead she turns to an alternate religion, a non-traditional one in which her powers make complete sense. She seeks out a high mountaintop just as the Flying Spaghetti Monster is said to reside in the sky–in fact, by building her castle so high she seeks to commune with the holy FSM directly. Because Elsa is not constrained by the limitations of a traditional religion, when she finally “Let[s] It Go” she can accept things like the FSM. Rather than relying on prayer or meditation, Elsa accepts the Pastafarian belief that you should just love each other without forcing your religion on to them.


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