How Frozen relates to the 99%

Despite being set in a typical kingdom from an indistinguishable time period, Frozen really drives home the message of the 99%–the percentage of non-gazillionaires in the US. Frozen starts with what appears to be a happy feudal ruling system with a princess (and heir) with a dark secret–she freezes everything she touches and it gets worse when she’s mad. Clear message there is when the powerful 1% gets angry, everything goes bad. Elsa dons a set of gloves to help contain the power, but she isolates not only herself, but her sister as well, getting completely out of touch with the common people, the 99%. She doesn’t realize how desperately they need her leadership until her coronation when she opens the castle doors “for the first time in forever.” Anna goes out skipping amongst the people and the daisies, reveling in how the 99% live, but her inexperience leads her to foolishly fall in love with the first dude she talks to, a prince of course, another member of the 1%. Arendelle’s leadership appears to be strongly ensconced with maintaining the social order. Once Elsa freezes all of Arendelle out of an agoraphobic response to a minorly threateningly confrontation, she escapes to build her own mansion, clearly completely unaware that she’s plunged the 99% into an endless winter from which they cannot return without her help. But does she immediately agree to go down and help? Nope. She protests to Anna that she doesn’t know how and leaves the common folk to their 1%-imposed destiny of cold and hunger. Nowhere is that better exemplified through Kristoff, whose diet apparently consists entirely of carrots shared with a reindeer, which in his hour of need at Oaken Trading Post’s, he’s so poor he’s unable to purchase. The 1% in the form of Anna buys the carrots for him, but still requests his help/service in finding her sister. In the end, it’s another member of the 1% who conspires to kill Elsa despite her failing to lift the eternal winter, even though it’s clear to everyone but Anna that Kristoff is the one who truly loves her. Kristoff is so entrenched in his economic status he doesn’t even think about healing Anna. Instead he leaves the issue to another prince, whose own ambition to be the ruler of Arendelle supersedes the needs of the 99%, letting them suffer, all so he can be king. Oh sure, he tries to put on a show by handing out blankets, but what’s the long-term goal here? It’s not to truly make life better for the 99%. Fortunately Elsa learns an important lessons, unfreezes Arendelle, and allows the common folk into the world of the royalty, promising to never close the castle gates again, giving hope to the 99% that their leader has their best interests in mind. Still, an equal government would be nice.


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