Frozen: finally, irrefutable proof of global warming

Many don’t realize the documentary nature of Frozen. Sure, it’s meant to be animated family entertainment, but it contains a deeper, more sinister message. No, not the Gay Agenda, I’m talking about climate change. For starters, there’s the name: Frozen. More than describing the movie, it’s a clarion call for nonbelievers–this is our future. In fact, to go ahead and spoil the ending, FROZEN is our future unless we LOVE our sister, the earth. Disney portrays humankind through the character of Elsa. At first, her power is fun and games, playing with her sister, the earth, as seen in the character of Anna. Through Elsa’s careless childplay, she accidentally harms Anna/the earth and in response is advised to control and curb her power. Unable to do so, Elsa shuts herself away in the castle but rather than making those inconvenient changes, continues to freeze her room. Anna repeatedly calls Elsa to change her ways (“Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”) but Elsa ignores her sister. Elsa’s insidious earth-damaging power comes to a head at the coronation party when it flies out of control, plunging all of Arendelle into an endless winter reminiscent of previous ice ages. This is the future the world (Arendelle) faces if humankind (Elsa) does not curb her/our destructive power. Elsa’s attempt to escape and isolate herself in her castle of ice and pollution is not enough. Global political enemies, portrayed as kings, princes, and soldiers in the movie, vie for control to twist to their own means. One superpower in particular, Hans, actually captures the earth (Anna) to vanquish it forever. However, all is not lost. Through the intervention of a team of dedicated environmentalists (Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf), Anna is set free from her prison. In the nick of time, she sacrifices herself to Elsa, but at that moment Elsa realizes that the only answer is to love the earth and through that, she brings peace and good weather to the kingdom. Take heed, people. Our only hope is love and an anthropomorphic snowman.


3 thoughts on “Frozen: finally, irrefutable proof of global warming

  1. this was actually really helpful, i was trying to write about it in my essay and I couldn’t get sufficient research from other sites.

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