Frozen as a gateway to drug use

I’ve analyzed a few metaphors here at Frozen is the Gay Agenda, but perhaps none so pernicious as Frozen’s agenda as a gateway to drug use. I can hardly believe that Disney is advocating drug use, but it’s right here, people. First off, of course Elsa’s power involves ice, another nickname for crystal meth (really, could it be more obvious?). As the movie opens, burly men are cutting and harvesting ice (crystal meth) from the frozen lake, and one of those is a boy, Kristoff, who later grows into a man whose entire life is built about being a mule to supply Arendelle with a steady stream of ice. Like, he literally has a mule, portrayed through the reindeer Sven. Through Elsa, Frozen portrays ice as harmful and scary in the beginning, but as the movie develops and Elsa’s addiction grows, ice becomes powerful and, at the end, desirable. “Let it go” is perhaps one of the most sinister scenes, as we see Elsa develop a veritable ice (remember, it’s crystal meth we’re talking about) empire–in fact, now that she’s turned to whole-scale manufacturing, Elsa cuts out the middlemen like Kristoff and becomes the queen of an ice cartel. What’s really disturbing is the ice-induced hallucination of Olaf, whom Elsa creates in her cartel-building frenzy. When both Anna and Kristoff partake of the ice (off-screen, thankfully) they collectively hallucinate a cute, friendly talking snowman (I mean seriously? A talking snowman? How is this NOT drug-induced?) who “helps” them continue their ice addiction and Elsa’s production. When Anna tries to confront Elsa, her very own sister hurts her and turns her away–sadly reflecting what happens when a family member attempts to interfere with the drug cartel. But in the end, Anna shows her true loyalty and is symbolically “turned into ice” as she embraces her sister’s role as cartel queen and her own role as princess. She even gifts Kristoff a new vehicle for his ice transportation. The movie finishes on a dismal note as Elsa lures all of her countryfolk into the castle courtyard and turns ice into a fun, pleasant experience for everyone. Take note, Arendelle is permanently under the spell of the “Ice Queen” and you will be too if you watch this movie.


2 thoughts on “Frozen as a gateway to drug use

  1. Let me just say, this is one of the most hilarious things I have found on the internet to date.
    I discovered this site while researching existentialism for my Philosophy class.
    This is gold. Thank you.

    • Thank you Dallen! I had a lot of fun writing it. Good luck on your existentialism research. Remember, as Frozen clearly shows, life is absurd and meaningless. šŸ˜‰ –Shelby

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