Frozen: Why You Should Buy Organic

The overlying message in Frozen is clearly that frozen = bad, sunlight/nature/fresh = good, and where do we see this more than in the very food we eat? Frozen truly presents a compelling argument for why you should buy and eat organic. As the queen, Elsa represents big agriculture and factory farming. At first, frozen doesn’t seem like a bad idea. As she and Elsa show, freezing things can be fun and convenient (why leave your house to play?). Just like in real life, it’s a decent way to get produce from here to there and into your diet. But it soon grows out of control. Elsa withdraws to the house and isolates herself, not only from her sister but from the fresh air and sunlight, just as factory farms draw consumers further and further away from the source of their food. While it’s easy to assume that the beautiful country of Arendelle has a thriving local farming industry–after all, Sven never seems to lack for carrots–all hell breaks loose when Elsa’s power is revealed and she freezes everything, clearly forcing local produce out of the market. This is significant since small farmers living in their own community are much more likely to naturally grow organic produce and meat over the big, distant farms with their chemicals and pesticides. What’s worse is when Elsa builds her ice castle revealing her ice to be not JUST ice, but genetically modified ice. Arendelle has no choice but to adopt distantly-grown, food frozen in genetically modified ice. This is obvious as the vegetarian character Kristoff searches for fresh carrots for himself and Sven and is only able to find one remaining bunch at Oaken’s Trading Post, which is completely cost-prohibitive. Kristoff must choose between basic cold-weather survival gear and fresh produce, and like so many people these days, has no choice but to buy the survival gear. After Anna is struck frozen in her heart, Kristoff takes her to the trolls, who are as close to the earth as you can possibly get. No pesticides or factory farming there. One young troll even brags that he grew a new (organic) mushroom. Luckily Elsa sees the error of her ways and returns Arendelle to a natural climate, eliminating the need for trucked-in food and blossoming a local food movement. Although the subject of organic food is never directly addressed, it is clearly implied as Arendelle goes from thriving to frozen to thriving again. Please read labels carefully and do as Frozen recommends: buy organic.


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